MK Home Tour • June  7, 8, 9 • Indianapolis

Check out a few highlights from the 2018 tour!

Don’t miss the largest and longest-running home tour in Indiana!

Located just 15 minutes from downtown Indianapolis, Meridian-Kessler is one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods. Well-maintained homes with historic charm are nestled within a diverse walkable community.

Founded in 1973, the Home Tour was created to promote the history and unique architecture of the neighborhood.

Today, the Tour is an important part of  the fundraising efforts of Meridian-Kessler Neighborhood Association. Ticket sales and sponsorships are reinvested in the neighborhood to help ensure our community continues to thrive. The proceeds help to:

Enhance Livability: Make the neighborhood more walkable and bike-friendly, develop infrastructure plan, and support crime prevention efforts

Promote Growth and Capital Investment: Support the Midtown TIF district and drive redevelopment opportunities

Advocate to City Government: Develop the neighborhood long-term land use plan and promote compliance with community values

Communicate: Organize community meetings where critical neighborhood issues are addressed and publish a community magazine

Partner with Community Stakeholders: Support the work of organizations serving youth and seniors

Preserve Historic Qualities: Prioritize neighborhood beautification efforts and promote commitment to historic architecture